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10 Ways You Can Help Foster Children Without Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster parenting isn’t for everyone but there are several ways you can support foster children, even if you are unable to care for them on a full time basis. Here are some ideas:

Sponsor a Foster Child- Act Together Ministries has opportunities throughout the year for people in the community to sponsor a foster child. You could provide Christmas gifts, an Easter basket, school supplies and more. You will be given the name, age, gender and a few details about your assigned child. This will allow you to personalize the items you purchase for the child.

Become a CASA WorkerCASA is always in need of people who can provide their love and time to help advocate on the behalf of a foster child. This is a great opportunity for empty nesters and senior citizens!

Play Santa to a Foster Child Know someone who is fostering a child? Offer to purchase Christmas gifts for the children. As mentioned above, Act Together Ministries has opportunities for people to play Santa to foster children every Christmas.

Provide Respite CareFoster parents would greatly appreciate if you helped care for the foster children over a week-end, while they go out of town, etc. If you do not know a foster parent, contact your local foster care agency to see how you can assist with respite care. Minimal training and a background check are usually required.

Assist with Transportation- Foster parents and group homes need help transporting the children to activities, doctor appointments, etc. Contact your local CASA group to see how you can get involved.

Provide Meals- Foster parents have many appointments, therapy sessions, and court hearings to attend. Bringing their family a meal after a busy day would certainly be appreciated. Don’t know a foster family? Many churches have ministries for foster families with opportunities to serve.

Provide Needed Items- Children grow like weeds and they always need something. Consider buying a few extra items when you shop for your children. Socks, undies, t-shirts, school supplies, toiletries and most anything else children need would be appreciated! Not sure who to give it to? Contact your local foster care agencies, CASA agency, or non-profit that serves foster children.

Volunteer- There are many ways to volunteer including helping at a thrift shop that supports foster children, doing yard work for a group foster home, or assisting with paperwork for an agency.

Prepare Care Bags- Get a group of friends together and prepare bags of toiletries and other items children will need when they are taken to a foster home.

Advocate & Pray- Learn more about the foster care system and how change is needed in the system. Advocate on behalf of the children who have no voice. Imagine being taken from your parents and the only world you know. Imagine how scared or angry these children feel when they enter the home of strangers. Pray for them.

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