Roswell, GA 30075

Our Impact..

“Thank u so much.  We are so grateful for the  ballet scholarship.  Now I don’t have to be so depressed because I cant afford activities for my kids.  I know she is gonna b so excited.
Thank u also for the food yesterday.  It is a blessing to receive food u can actually eat.  We are having hotdogs, Doritos & lemonade today….all from the food pantry…I thank God”
-Alpharetta Family

“I would like to say thank you and to all the people who made today possible.  It was wonderful.  This is my first experience getting help with school supplies.  It feels so good to know my kids will start to school with what they need.  It was so much stuff!!  I think I was more excited than the kids.   My son was very excited as well to be able to choose among all those book bags.  He choose one that was very different.  A young lady walked with us and was very knowledgeable with her assigned position.  She helped with each item.  The food was very
good.  My son got a hair cut and the lady was very very nice (She was the one with the burgundy hair).  I can go on and on.  Thank you so very very much.”
-Alpharetta Single Mom

“I just wanted to say that the food pantry was amazing! Thank God for this organization! We were truly blessed to receive enough for a family of 10 to eat for a week! It would be such a tools4schools015blessing to organize a food pantry to serve families in need! I am truly thankful and grateful! Thank you!!!”
-Norcross Family

“I want go take this time to thank your family for blessing my son and daughter with school clothing and pajamas.  The clothing helped my children start school  year in style. (My daughter) loves her red dress with sparkling glitter!  God bless your family”
-Alpharetta Single Mom

“I thought it was an amazing event (Tools 4 School 2012.)  It was so well organized with the appointment slots and nametags – everyone knew exactly where to go and when.  The haircut stand simply mesmerized me – it was pure joy to see these talented folks give of their time so willingly – they’ve probably never done so many haircuts so quickly.  And all of the children just beamed when they got out of the chair.  But hands down, the school supply store was the star of the party.  I work with a lot of organizations that donate backpacks to children – but they are already filled, and the children are simply handed one.  To allow the children to “shop” like most children do and pick out their backpack, and their color folders and notebooks – for a moment, they felt as privileged as any other child that was walking in Walmart to buy their school supplies.  I think so much of helping others is allowing them to have dignity, and that starts with small steps such as letting them pick out their backpack.  Thanks for all you do.  You are making a huge difference in His Kingdom!!”
-Johns Creek Volunteer

“Thank you again for letting us come, the kids had the best time and enjoyed every second of it. What Act Together Ministries is doing is awesome, in my personal experience I’ve seen nothing like this, it was so precious to teach my kids how to use their hands to serve the Lord and Act Together helped make that happen. Thank you. The pictures turned out beautiful, thanks for sharing them.”
-Cumming Volunteer

“Good Afternoon – I wanted to take this time and say thank you!  The list for schools supplies seem to grow each year and can easily become a stressful period when deciding between paying a bill or buying school supplies! I am very grateful to be apart of something that eases the worry of back to school time.  I appreciate the individual help I received as well – it made things flow well and work smoothly.  You can tell this event was well organized.  Knowing my son went to school prepared is always a great start to the school year. Thanks Act Together Ministries – I love you guys!”
-Alpharetta Family

“I just want to take the time out and thank you so very much for the clothes my daughter really likes them and it was right on time for her birthday which is coming up Sunday. GOD is so good and is always right on time I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get her any new clothes for the winter but the Lord made a way out of no way and blessed us with two bags of new clothes she was excited looking through the bags couldn’t wait to try them on thank you so much you made my two year old so happy may GOD continue to bless you through out this year and always.”
-Roswell Single Mom                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

“We just wanted to say thanks to ACT Together for blessing our family!  Whenever support comes from your agency, it comes with love and encouragement, and a feeling of support.  Ms. Mryna made (my daughter)’s day by allowing her to pick out a juice of her own:-)  and I felt so much better about the rest of the month knowing I will be able to feed my family for a week or two.  Thanks again for all that you do-you are a great blessing to so many!”
-Roswell Family

"Thank you so much for giving (my daughter) piano lessons this year. She has loved every single evening she spent with (her instructor.) We are unbelievably grateful and (my daughter) has finally begun to feel confident about reading music and playing. Thank you so much all you have given and shared with us."
-Single Mom in Alpharetta

“I would like to take the time to thank you for offering a soccer scholarship this spring for my son.  Prior to the scholarship, (my son) could not participate in any extra activities due to lack of family funding.  I have experienced frustration and anger from him because he wasn’t able to participate in sports along with his friends.  Since the soccer scholarship was granted, his behavior has changed for the best.  (My son) has learned the importance of team work and diligence.  Every Friday, he would ask "are we going to soccer practice, so I can kick the ball really fast and high?"  The smile on his face when he would arrive at each practice, put a smile on my face in return.  I’m truly grateful for your help.”
-Low Income Family in Alpharetta

“I wanted to take the time to first thank you so much for what you do for families who receive services through Act Together Ministries.  It is a blessing to be involved with such a wonderful organization.  It is great2nd Graders- Family Sponsorship to see the many smiles and blessings families receive at the events held throughout the year.  This past school year, my daughter and I received a sponsorship from a class.   At the beginning, I wasn’t sure exactly what a ‘sponsorship’ was, but quickly realized how special I felt for my daughter and I to be a part of it.  We have received many wonderful gifts, such as a potted plant, which the pot was decorated with the students handprints in paint, and their names were painted on the pot as well.  It was very thoughtful, and I have the plant sitting in our living room area.  The Chick-Fil-A gift card was great, and my daughter loves to get their kid’s meal and play on the outside play area of the one closest to where we live.  The home cooked meal in November was good as well, as it was one less meal that I had to cook and that’s always a treat.  My daughter really enjoyed her new purple coat, and the many princess items she received at Christmas.  The Valentine chocolates were very sweet and looked so pretty;  the kids did a wonderful job making it themselves.  And the Zaxby’s gift card was great, as my daughter loves chicken, and I love the Zax’s sauce.  In April, we were truly blessed with the most wonderful gift, a family membership to Zoo Atlanta!  My daughter had never visited Zoo Atlanta before, and because of this very thoughtful gift from our sponsors, we both get to enjoy Zoo Atlanta all year long.  We have visited there four times already, and love it each time!!  I never expected to receive the things we did.  My heart goes out to all the kids from our sponsor class, their teacher, their parents, and especially Ms. Wendy Porter who has made such a big difference in ours lives.  We are truly grateful for everything.  Thank you!!” 
-Single Mom in Roswell

“Thank you so much for taking the time out  of your day to help our family.  We are so thankful for all of the blessings.  My kids loved the baskets that were made for them for Easter.  They loved the bathing suits, towels, and water guns.  I also really appreciated that Kroger gift card.  I was able to put gas in my car for two weeks to get myself back and forth to work.  I think this was a great program, and we really appreciated everything you did for us over the school year.  I hope everyone has a great summer. “
-Single Mom in Woodstock

“Thank you so much for all you did for our family this year.  It was a blessing for the kids to see a group of people we did not know pouring themselves out for us.  We kept your picture on our fridge all year long and they told everyone who came over "this is the class that is praying for us." It was a total ministry. 
We still have toothbrushes, toothpaste, and body wash and that has saved me a lot of money. Thank you sooo much.
You guys were too kind to send so many gift cards because we had moved.  I really appreciate your support as I am working so hard to provide for all the kids needs. 
I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the year!”
-Single Mom in Sugar Hill

“I am greatly appreciative for their time and support. It gives me great joy and comfort that I received support during hard times. Myself and family sends our heart felt gratitude and again  Thank You! Thank you for the flowers and the blessings in my envelope. I was so surprised,grateful and happy. You have truly made my day. Thank You, Thank You,Thank You!! Enjoy your day and week.”
-Single Mom in Alpharetta

“I want to take this time on behalf of my family to say thank-you for all you’ve done to put a smile on our face. From the personalized cards the class made for family we truly enjoyed reading them all, the home cooked meal of  barbecue chicken & the dessert OREO pie it was to die for. Even though it got left behind at first I’m glad you went back for it. The flowers was so pretty that I snapped up a picture and posted it on Facebook. Thanks so much for everything. May God forever bless you guys!”
-Single Mom in Roswell

"As (my daughter)’s music scholarship comes to an end, I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity. Aria has been a great teacher for (my daughter), who was reluctant to play but has now found that she is actually pretty talented. Thanks again for understanding how exposure to the arts is so important to the overall development of a child."
-Struggling 2 Parent Family

“My Family would like to take this time to thank those persons that were involved in our family sponsorship for the 2011-12 school year. We have enjoyed the many gifts which included dinner with soup, fruits in a bag, x-mas gifts, a potted plant which continues to bloom and friendship messages for Valentines’ Day made of hearts. We have been truly grateful for what you have done for our family. Again I thank you”
-Roswell Single Mom

“It seemed that whenever I was having a moment of crisis or feeling overwhelmed, they (the volunteers) showed up to brighten my day! They prayed for us when (my son) ran away from home and now he’s back home and will finish high school this fall. They brought us meals, when our pantry was bare and I was at my wit’s end. This ministry was awesome in my life and appreciate ACT Together for offering this opportunity to my family.”
-Struggling Family in Roswell

“Thank you so much for the soccer scholarship. It work out perfect because her grandma was able to take her on Saturday and they were able to get some quality time. (My daughter) doesn’t get to see her father that often so to have the time to spend with her grandma was very special to both my ex mother -n law and my daughter.She learn how to kick and play with other kids. She doesn’t get much time to spend with other kids because she is an only child so it was so worth the enjoyment with other kids. Thank you again for your scholarship. I really appreciated it.”
-Low Income Family

“I want to give a special thank you for sharing your blessings with my family.  You helped in making (my daughter’s) birthday special meant the world to her.  (My daughter) was filled with complete joy and laughter at her birthday party and she especially enjoyed giving out her party bags filled with goodies to all of her friends.  She absolutely love her hair bows and pajama shirt.  Every morning she asks to wear her "pink and green" hair bow to school, simply adorable!  Your blessings in making (my daughter’s) birthday a joyous occasion will always be remembered and greatly appreciated.”
-Single Mom in Alpharetta

Thank you so much for the tickets to the Nutcracker ballet.  The performance was amazing and it was the first time my daughter and husband had ever been to a ballet performance!  The facility at Perimeter ChurchMurphy Girls Christmas was breathtaking and their holiday decorations were perfect for a few photos. Our oldest was unable to attend due to finals so our youngest daughter invited a friend from school.  They talked, giggled, and sang all the way home.  Thank you for a wonderful holiday blessing!
-Struggling Family of 7

I would like to take this time to thank you for the Valentine package, delivered yesterday morning.  It was beautiful and very encouraging to receive the love from Act Together Ministries.
-Single Mom

Thank you for the Birthday packs for my sons.  (My youngest)’s favorite toy was included with the packets and that was cars.  The toy cars provided hours of fun and tons of excitement.  (My older son) decided to save his gift card; to him he has a little credit card :)  During these rough times it is wonderful to be apart of such selfless movement.  Our children being able to celebrate birthdays at a time that seemed like that wouldn’t happen is remarkable. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
-Family Struggling Financially

To a Generous Friend,
Thank you so much for the gifts you purchased for (my son.) (My son) is my autistic son and it is always difficult to find things to get for him. People always ask me if he knows it is his birthday. I always answer the same. When he sees the balloons and the cake and the presents he thinks it is always for him, no matter whose birthday it is. It is something we all laugh about and something that brings us joy. We decorated the house with all the streamers and party decorations and put all the presents out for him. He was as full of wonder and gratitude as a little child. Your presents made him smile, and that made me smile. Thank you so much for making his birthday special.
-Mother of Special Needs Child

Thank you so much for (my son)’s birthday presents and party supplies. We had so much fun on his birthday! His favorite gift was actually the Nerf football which he plays with all the time. His exact words were, "AWESOME!!" Thank you for such great gifts. He was as happy as a 10 year old boy can be and the gifts you got for him were fantastic. Thank you so much! It helped make a wonderful day for a wonderful boy.
-Single Mom

Act Together Ministries,
I just wanted to thank you so very much for the tickets to the Nutcracker. My family REALLY enjoyed it. It was great to get out and do something like that with my daughter.
Thanks again!!
God bless!

“Thanks SO much for providing the scholarship for my daughter’s piano lessons. She really thrived under Jeanette’s instruction and learned a lot. Even though I’m a musician, I have not been able to afford many lessons for my own children, so oddly, this was her first experience as a 12 year old taking formal music lessons! I greatly appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness of children of single moms.”
-Johns Creek Single Mom

“I want to thank you for the Christmas gifts that I got. I really enjoy the giant book for coloring and the cars. I want to thank the person that brought me my gifts because my mom couldn’t pick them up. The clothes and hat and gloves was just in time for the cold. thank you. I had a good Christmas thanks to you.”
-10 Year Old Boy

Was AMAZING TO HAVE presents under the tree.
Our happiness did not have been possible without your help, we appreciate your great help in these times of economic hardship for us,. WE ARE SURE THAT FAMILY ALWAYS HAVE MANY BLESSINGS.
-Struggling Family, Spanish speaking/difficulty communicating in English

We appreciate everything that you have done to help my family this holiday season and my children were truly blessed this holiday season. My daughter loves her princess dress-up and makeup set, she never takes her play high  heels off. She loves the jewelry maker and drawing set she received. (My son) loves his WWE wrestling ring…he plays with it all the time. And last but not least (my youngest) likes his toys all of them not just one. We want to say that you so much for everything it was truly a blessing. It was greatly appreciated may God continue to bless you…….Happy new year
-Struggling Family

Thank you, Thank you for the wonderful gifts you got my daughter. Without your help my daughter would not have had a Christmas. Two days before you came my husband walked out of our lives. It has been a hard road this last months so please forgive me for this being late. When you came to my house I had no power in my house and we were in the process of finding a new home but your gifts warm my heart. I relaxed a little bit knowing my daughter would at least have something under the tree. Thank you for the computer game. I get tickled pink when she plays dress up with the Disney princess outfits. Thank you so much for the shoes. You picked out everything I would have pick out for her myself. Thank you again for your wonderful gifts. Your gifts brought more joy to me and my daughter then you will ever know. It gave me strength and determination that I can take care of my daughter alone if I  need to. I’m strong and God is good. This will pass I know. Thank you again.
-Mother Going Through A Divorce

I would like to thank you so very much for the Christmas gifts you gave to my son. The gifts were very generous and just perfect for him!  I can not thank you enough. You truly made his Christmas bright.
-Single Mom in Cumming

On behalf of my family we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the blessings of gifts received. The kids really enjoyed and was very happy. (My daughter) loved her colorful pillows and liked her boots which was a tad bit too big but stated “she would double up on the socks” and last but not least she appreciates the Bible that was personally signed for her.  (My son) he loved the remote airplane that he flew all over the house Christmas day crashing into everything in sight.  And the shoes, when he opened the box he let out this very exciting scream of "Thank you, Thank you. I like these" The gifts was much appreciated and I’m thankful for all who helped make this possible.
-Single Mom in Roswell

I wanted to send a note letting you know how wonderful it is for you to support these scholarships. My daughter is 16 and dreams of being an opera singer. While it is an ambitious goal for a young girl, without the help of the wonderful people at Metro Music Makers I wouldn’t know how to begin to make this possible. It’s not something you can simply do, it is a highly skilled endeavor. She has been so enriched and learned so much from her time with Metro Music Makers. Your donations have made a tremendous impact on my daughter’s life and the dreams for her future. I am so thrilled and extremely grateful that she has this opportunity. I wish everyone of you could hear her sing and see the joy on her face when she does. Thank you so much for helping us.
-Single Parent Family

Thank you…for your thoughtful and wonderful gift! Children’s lives are enriched through the arts and music matters to this family! Thank you for being a blessing to us.
-Low Income Family

Act Together Ministries offers support to families with special needs children. This ministry helps where families really need it. They provide clothing, oil changes, car washes, and family fun. Keep up the great work!
-Special Needs Advocate

Act Together Ministries have been such a blessing. The help that I have received has been awesome.
-Habitat for Humanity Family Knox

Act Together Ministries is such a beacon of hope to families facing challenges and feeling hopeless. I witnessed how Act Together Ministries ministered to a very sick mother who had been in a car accident, an exhausted father and their young daughter. Facing to many bills, work exhaustion and so many other challenges, yet Act Together Ministries cared for them through meals, cleaning, childcare and so many other ways. Providing a glimpse of hope during a difficult time. God Bless this ministry.

Heather is the hardest working, most dedicated servant I know. Her ministry has helped so many children and single moms. Thanks Act Together for all you do.
-Prayer Team Member

Act Together Ministries has rolled up its sleeves and gotten its hands dirty in the helping of single moms and children. And not only is it great to serve the Lord thru His people, but its also just fun! Keep up the fight, ATM

To the person{s} responsible for bringing happiness and joy to myself and my children on Christmas day, Thank you so very much!!! (My daughter) absolutely loved her Mickey Mouse and her shoes, she put them on right away, and danced around. (My son), fell in love with his helicopter, he hasn’t put it down. and his clothes. Thank you!!! (My middle son) had a fit over his skate board, and remote control truck. I had a difficult time time trying to get him to put it away, just so he could eat!!!! Thank you. (My youngest son), loved his razor scooter. Hes been riding it for the past 2 days!! He was ecstatic. Thank you. For every one who helped I sincerely appreciate it, Thank you, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. God Bless!!!
-Forsyth County Struggling Family

I would like to thank you for my shoes. they fit so well and i can walking them. It is hard to find my size since my feet are wide. Also I loved being tucked in to my new bed all nice and warm. I carry my blanket around all the time. thank you for taking the time to care about me even though you don’t know me. I would like to thank you for all my gifts. I love my new bedding with the princesses on it. mommy helped me make my bed. I also liked my clothing and shoes. I felt like a real princess on Christmas morning. I would like to thank you for my gifts. My new clothing will keep me all nice and warm. I love my new bedding. I really like cars. you made my Christmas.thanks so very much.
-2 Parent Struggling Family

Thank you for sharing the love of God with my family. (My son) really enjoys reading his Spider man book, which goes prefect with his bedroom theme. Look how God works and you didn’t know that.Also he is excited about sharing his basketball with his siblings. You really made their first Christmas all together a true blessing. Be blessed to you and yours.I want to thank you so much for your sponsorship this Christmas. (My daughter) loved all the gifts she recieved. She especially loved the Princess dress up trunk. She has always wanted that and shes played with it everyday since Christmas. Without your help Christmas would not have been as wonderful as it was. Thank you again. Thank you so very much for your help this Christmas. She loved all the clothes and the boots. They fit perfectly. She also really liked the makeup and photo album. Without your help Christmas would not have been as wonderful as it was. Thank you again.
-Single Mother of 3

To Act Together Ministries,On behalf of  my family,We like too thank you and our sponsors for a wonderful Christmas.If it weren’t for you’ll, this Christmas,My children wouldn’t been able to have a good Christmas.Just to see the smile on their faces,was magic,and the light of the Lord shined on all of us.
-Father Battling Cancer

To the sponsors of Act Together Ministries,We are a family of eight. This year we reached out to Act Together Ministries for help for Christmas. I would like to thank you for helping me and my family with Christmas. Everything we received was very appreciated as it was the right sizes and appropriate for each child. Your help this year was really heart felt because without us reaching out to you for help, it would have been just another day. It’s very comforting to know that there are still people out there that care and I hope I can one day give the joy to another household like you all gave to us. Thank you very much. We are writing to express sincere gratitude for the gifts our children received from each of you.  They were so delighted on Christmas morning to awake to the gifts under the tree.  Your generosity has brought great joy to our household this season. May God bless you continually.
-Habitat for Humanity Family, North Fulton

Collecting School SuppliesWhere do I even begin in sharing what an incredible ministry Act Together is for the Atlanta community!? Heather and Brian truly give selflessly through this ministry and there are so many stories of life change that demonstrate the impact they have in the lives of children and families who they serve.

There are so many Amazing things that need to be said about Act Together Ministry and Heather Clark, but there is not enough space. I have seen so many children and families helped, supported, loved, and fed physically and spiritually. This ministry has blessed so many in our community and the love of God is felt by so many. Thank you Act Together and Heather for all your hard work and for being the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth.
-Prayer Team Member

This is such an amazing ministry to so many families…especially during these difficult economic times. Heather has such an amazing heart for those in need in so many ways. Keep up the great work!!!!!
-Mother of Special Needs Child

What a Blessing this ministry is to so many – young and old. As a volunteer it warms my heart to see the smiling faces at the activities. You know you are in God’s will when you see the good come from the efforts of many.
-Board Member

Heather and Act Together are wonderful! She really has a heart for children and those in need. Sometimes things in life happen that are out of our control and I’m glad that organizations such as Act Together are there to lend support, whether it be financial or emotional. I know that so many lives have been touched through Act Together and will continue to be through the years.
-Single Mom

Act Together is a ministry that truly cares about children and their needs. They are committed to making a difference, one child at a time. They not only just provide necessities, but really try to give the children and their parents tools for changing how things are. God has and will continue to use Act Together in a Big Way!
-Prayer Team Member

I can’t say enough good things about this ministry. Their care for others in the name of Christ is amazing, and the creative ways that they find to do so is fun to be a part of. This is an organization that dreams big and fully relies on the Lord to get where they’re going!
-Church Liason

I would like to say thank you to the family that sponsored (my three children)…because of your kind generosity you made Christmas here possible and special. (My daughter) loved her Bottle top bracelet set. She has made bracelets for everyone she can think of. (My son) loved his remote control race car. He has made ramps out of gift boxes all over the house trying to make it do stunts. (My youngest daughter) loves her art desk "Santa" got her. I have pictures that she has drawn all over the place…I would like say thank you for the coat she really needed it especially now since the temperature has dropped. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for my babies. For me as a single parent I do the best that I can for my babies. (My kids) have been through so much to be so young, but they don’t let our struggles get in the way of there positive outlook on life. (My kids) have outstanding grades in school and perfect attendance and all three my kids keep an up beat attitude…they make every obstacle in life worth it. And I wanted them to have a great Christmas and you made that possible. Thank you so so much.
-Cobb County Single Mom

We just wanted to write a note to thank you for the fantastic gifts both of our daughters received, our baby, loves her warm new outfits that she has, someone in public the other day said she looked very warm and snuggly in her fuzzy onesie. We have also read to her both the green eggs and ham book and the Elmo books she got with the bright colors and pictures she loves looking at them. And of course the diapers and wipes were a big help to me and my husband since she goes through them so fast! Our four year old loved the clothes and shoes and of course the Disney princess doll she received. Whenever someone asks her what Santa brought her she mentions her princess doll first and then the shoes and her pretty pink clothes.  All the clothes fit perfectly and she has been playing with her new doll and even trying to get our baby to play with it as well.  These presents and gifts have been a tremendous help to us this year as we didn’t have any money left after the medical expenses were paid out (we have also recently have had to have our newborn evaluated and tested for torticollis which is going to result in a lot of rehab therapy for her in 2012). Also, due to her delays, this was the first year (our 4 year old) actually realized what Christmas was for (we made sure she understood she was actually celebrating the birth of Christ – she spent a lot of time singing happy birthday!) and we wanted to make sure it was a memorable one for her now that she can begin to comprehend the festivities around her. Thank you again and know that your gifts were truly appreciated and cherished by our family.
-2 Parent Family with 2 Special Needs Children, High Medical Bills

I am still in shock from all the sweet things my kids got from your ministry at such a priceless time of the year..Thank You so much for allowing us to be apart of your blessings this year. Your thoughtfulness made our Christmas so special. (My daughter) loves all of her new cloths and the Ipod, that took my breath away and she was so excited she had me hook it right up so she could download her music, she sings in a band at church and I know she will be listening to her music for that as well. (My other daughter) loves her new coat and gloves….she is such a tiny thing but looked great prancing all around to show us what she got, and the games and jewelry makers have been such a delight, she has already made her sisters necklaces. Thanks for so many thoughtful things to do. There has been so much laughing and joking around these past few days,,,,they are having a blast with all their gifts, Thank You! (My foster son) loves his new coat, hat and gloves, he is going to stay warm all winter, he is so excited with his new toys, he is very busy in his room playing, at times he comes out to check on what his sisters are up to, but he mostly loves the dragon movies he got as a gift, he did come and share those with us, This was so nice of you to do, God Bless you! May you all be richly blessed in 2012 for the blessings you have poured out to others.
-Foster Parent, Habitat for Humanity Family

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts! My 14 year old son received a pair of jeans that fit him perfectly 🙂 a nice sweater and jacket , that he loved. He also loved his Lego helicopter kit and race car tracks. They are keeping him well entertained! My 6 year old was also thrilled with all that he got from Santa too!  He got lots of great shirts and pants, and even though he is a boy, he is really into his cloths and absolutely loves them. He loves the box of many puzzles to put together ( and the storage mat is cool)  and he loves his big box of Lego’s too! Thank you so much for giving my boys a great Christmas!
-Cobb County Foster Parent

Thank you so much for (my son)’s gifts!  I am a single parent and college student, so your gifts were a true blessing to us this year.  Thank you so much, and God bless you and your family.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
-Forsyth County Single Mom

The Tools for School is the secound time that I use act together ministries they are a wonderful group of people and i absolutely love them the helped my family out so much. Soccer 2
-Struggling Family

Act Together Ministries has truly blessed me and my family. Every year this organization touches my life in ways I cannot explain. Act Together Ministries has blessed me and my son Logan at times when we had no hope for a birthday gift, fun with friends, free clothing, car wash and car clinics, and most especially tools for school. Tools for school is an event that has blessed my family in more ways than one. Prior to the event, we are blessed with a wonderful sermon on Sunday morning, and we feel so welcome at the church. We are also blessed with food, clinical services, fun and games for Logan and so much more. You have even sponsored me through coaching online while searching for employment and have lead me to gainful employment with important tips and coaching on how to obtain and maintain employment. Thank you Act Together Ministries.
-Single Mom

This ministry has been a huge blessing for me and my son. I can not say "thank you" enough for the compassion and outreach efforts that I have received from the staff. Thank you again. -Single Mom

Words cannot describe my appreciation for the blessing that your ministry has been to me and my child.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and the promptness of your responses.  It is reassuring to know that in this day and time, with so many people who are in need that such a generous contribution would be made from the heart.  Take care and have an awesome evening.
-Hungry Family

‎The way that The Lord has used (Act Together) is indescribable. I went through a divorce a couple of years ago and they stepped right in. I was a stay at home mother before my ex husband left, I was without a job and having a very hard time. Because of them, my children have had school supplies the past two years, doctor checks, and much more. They’ve helped me get back on my feet and find a job. God is the leader of their ministry and you can tell by their hearts for all of us!
-Single Mom

I want to thank you so very much for the birthday gifts you gave for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She has enjoyed them very much. I wish you could of seen her face when she opened the Barbie walkie talkies. She just loves Barbie. I thank you again it was a great help to me.
-Struggling Family

I would like to express my gratitude for opening your heart to my family.  Your gracious gifts for my baby girl’s birthday meant the world to my family.  Because of your generosity in sharing your blessings with my family, I was able to give my daughter a beautiful princess birthday party!  God bless your family!
-Single Mom


Thank you so much for the horseback riding scholarship for my special needs son do to therapeutic horse back riding lessons.  My son absolutely loves it.  What a blessing! My son has become noticeably stronger (even his OT commented on it). He can even ride the horse a bit by himself without anybody holding onto the reins. It has given him self confidence and so much joy. Cindy, Carrie, and Bethany are so nice to my son and really know how to work with him.Thank you so much for the experience! I cannot thank everyone enough for this!
-Mother of Special Needs Child

Christmas this year was something special. My kids are getting older and their Christmas wishes can sometimes seem difficult to pin down compared to when they were little and they wanted Buzz Lightyear or a new doll. I was amazed at how wonderful the gifts were that were chosen for each one of the kids. The clothes and games and perfect for every one of them, even my teenagers! The girls wore their clothes Christmas day to go see their friends and were so excited. The boys have been playing their games and doing science experiments and LOVING it. (My special needs son), who is so difficult to buy for loves his movies and all the Veggie Tale gifts. Every single gift was an absolute thrill for them to open. They had so much fun Christmas morning and I was completely blessed watching them so excited. It was a wonderful wonderful Christmas thanks to all of your enormous generosity. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your families as you have blessed us.
-Special Needs Parent

I want to thank you for making my children’s Christmas a blessed and joyous holiday this year.  Your blessings have giving my children the opportunity to experience excitement and laughter on Christmas day.  My son especially enjoyed his three piece puzzle sets and board games.  He loves to put the puzzle pieces together and immediately break the puzzle apart to put back together again.  My little princess eye’s grew wide when she opened her present and seen her baby doll stroller set. she loves playing the "mommy".  I will always remember when people bless others, God will bless them.  Many thanks and blessings to your family!
-Single Mom

Thanks so much for making our Christmas great.  My kids loved there gifts.  (My son) really enjoyed playing with the Lego set and loves his jacket.  (My daughter) loved her Smurf and smurf movie.  She plans on wearing her dress Tuesday to school.  Thanks again for the lovely blessing.
-Cherokee County Single Mom

Thank you for making my children’s Christmas memorable. This has been a very trying year and I appreciate everything you have done for us. My daughter loved her Barbie and pink furry hooded jacket. As soon as she saw her socks, she put a pair on .My son said the football was what he wanted  because he had lost his old one. Again, Thank you and Happy New Year!!!
-Struggling Family

Dear Christmas Sponsor, 2
This year was the best year ever for our family and Christmas! Thank you sooo very much for the lovely gifts you provided. (My son) has been using his "Lightneen MKeen" cups every day and the clothes have come in very helpful.  (My youngest daughter) is beside herself with the possibilities of art and (my oldest) asks to listen to the princess cd every time we get into the car!  On Christmas morning, (my daughter) said, "Oh My Gosh! There are 1,000 presents."  To be able to see the joy of Christmas morning in their eyes would not have been possible without your generous donation.  Than you soooooo very much for how you allowed me to bless my children this Christmas season. I pray God blesses you even more this new year!
Blessings and Love,
-Gwinnett County Single Mom

Thank you so much for your generosity with (my son)’s Christmas presents.  He was very excited to get the Star Wars Lego set as well as the Star Wars sheets.  Thanks also for the shoes; his other shoes were threadbare on the bottom so these are wonderful.  Thank you for making this Christmas memorable.  I hope that your Christmas was just as blessed as ours was. (My son) was so excited to get not one, but two, Star Wars Lego sets.  He specifically requested these and it was good to see his eyes get so big when he saw them.  Thanks also for the sheets and all the other things you got for him to make this Christmas memorable.  Your generosity is so appreciated! Thank you so much for your gifts for (my youngest son) this Christmas.  He has just gotten into playing with Lego’s and was so excited to get both of the Star Wars Lego sets.  He has a very boisterous personality so it was fun to watch him react when he saw these.  Thanks also for the sheets and books.  You helped make this Christmas joyful and you are appreciated. Thank you for helping make (my daughter) such a happy girl this Christmas.  She has 3 older brothers so she plays with boy stuff a lot.  She was very excited to get her dolls and dollhouse.  She put on the Tangled dress-up outfit and went to work setting up her dollhouse.  It was a fun change to see her act like a lady…and it’s wonderful that she has toys that her brothers won’t touch!  Thank you so much for your generosity.  You are appreciated! Thank you so much for the gifts you gave (my youngest) for Christmas.  She really needed clothes and I appreciate the outfits that you got her.  It has been difficult for us to find actual outfits (with matching shirt and pants) that are affordable and you provided more than enough.  Thank you also for the doll.  I wasn’t sure how she would respond to this gift, but she has already become protective of it and screams at her brothers and sister when they touch it.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.  You are appreciated.
-2 Parent Family with 5 Children

Thank you so much for blessing our family with gifts for the holiday!  My husband and I wait until everyone is asleep on Christmas Eve before we put out presents.  Up to that point the kids had a few items from grandma and from us under our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  I am grateful to have children whose focus is not on what they recieve.  All of them participated in a Toys-4-Tots drive and all the girls were servers at a local dinner held in honor of disabled veterans.  They served food, passed out gift bags and blankets, and they sang with a group of other children. Thank you for supporting us as parents at this time of year.  This ministry takes a huge undertaking and we do not take your generosity for granted.  We hope that each of you were as richly blessed at Christmas time and are looking forward with expectation as to what the Lord is going to do in 2012!
-North Fulton Struggling Family

First I would like to thank Act Together Ministries for everything.  My children were able to have a great Christmas because of your help and organization. First they were so excited to see the presents under the Christmas tree.  I was so humbled to see the smile on their faces . (My daughter) said that "Santa knew that they were so good this year that is why he brought us a lot of presents."On Christmas day, (my daughter) was so excited to see the clothes she got.  Purple is one of her favorite color and she wore the purple legging and top that day. She was so excited to get a brand new soccer ball that she will use next soccer season.  The tea party set has been a huge hit….Her and and her sister have been playing with that since Christmas day. I have been asked to join the party also, how nice….Lastly, Build the bear workshop is awesome, we are planning on spending some time to build that bear and name her as a new member of our family.My little (daughter) was excited whenever she saw her sister excited.  She really enjoyed the farm animal and little people.  When she saw her clothes, she was excited too because they opened the bags at the same time. She loves to copy her big sister so that was perfect.  The pink car was a great present, they don’t have to fight about the only pink car they had before.  Now they have 2 pink cars that they can play with. I am so humbled and grateful for all the presents my girls received.  It has been a big help for me as a parent.  God bless you and your family with even more. Lastly, thank you to all the volunteers who delivered the presents to different families.
-North Fulton Single Mom

We feel so blessed that God has touched your life and you are extending those blessings to others. My 3 children were in such need of new clothes and shoes! YOU helped my husband and I greatly by providing those things for each of them.  My youngest daugter especially loves the make up and jewelry!! Also, the boys have been playing with lego builders and the remote control car for days! Thank You! The smiles on their faces are the greatest gift we as parents can ever recieve! God Bless You!
-Struggling 2 Parent Family

Hello and Happy Holidays, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Act Together Ministries. Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts that you gave to my children. It was so good to see the smiles on their faces Christmas morning! They were so happy! My three year old LOVED the bike that he received and all the other toys as well. My daughter is so happy with her make up and books! She thinks she is the "Ultimate Beauty Queen"! She loves games and really enjoys the one you gave her. My oldest son says Thank You for everything. He knows things were really hard for me this year with my mom being sick and me having car problems.We really do appreciate everything. May God continue to Bless and protect you and your loved ones throughout the coming year and always.
-Single Mom of 3

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday pack you provided for my son’s birthday.  It was so much more than I expected.  The clothes look adorable on him and fit very well.  The decorations were used for his class birthday party and goody bags were handed out to all of his friends.  It made his birthday so wonderful, plus he absolutely LOVED the CARS theme!!!  God Bless you and your family!!!
-Struggling Family


Thank you so much for the 3 month scholarship to Joe Corleys Karate. They were very professional and very caring towards our son. My son was dying to do karate and he loved every minute of it. He learned so many different kicks and different karate moves. It helped build his self confidence. Thank you Act Together for finding this scholarship for us and thank you to Joe Corley for giving us this scholarship and opportunity! 
-Foster Parent

What an amazing Christmas (my foster daughter) and I had this year and we owe it mostly to you! We were shocked and stunned by the bounty of gifts you sent over for her! Even just one gift would have been plenty but you sent over everything, including the kitchen sink. (My daughter) really loved all the colorful clothes. She was actually unable to determine which outfit was her favourite. I particularly loved the tennis shoes, especially since it was time for a new pair. It was also great that you included one of my much-loved childhood stories “Charlotte’s Web”. We have already begun reading it together at bedtime. Your generous spirit is incredible and you saved me a lot of time and money, which neither do I have! Thank you so much for all of the love, time, and energy you put into selecting the perfect presents for my child. We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this Christmas both a memorable and magical experience.
-Foster Parent

Dear Act Together Ministries:
I would like to first say to all of you God’s Blessings! The work that you do to spread God’s Light to others is truly an amazing testament to his glory.Thank you so much for bringing smiles to my son and Granddaughter faces on Christ’s Birthday. They woke up on Christmas morning to presents wrapped under the tree labeled with their names from Jesus. For I know and I teach my children to know, that Jesus is the true reason for the season. So thank you again, the moment was priceless. (My son) truly appreciates all of the gifts he really wanted that Captain America’s shield. His ultimate gift was the coat he was very happy to be warmer on these past cold days. (My granddaughter) was so happy when she opened up the the trunk with all of the pretty princess dress-up clothes. She feels that she is a pretty princess as she should. She also was so happy with the kitchen set we have bin eating more invisible cookies and food that I can blame the extra holiday pounds on the kitchen set. her favorite attire was the Purple shirt with the black leggings. You made her day Happy. Knowing that there are true Christians in the world, lets you know that even though the storms of life may rage at times, Jesus is still on the boat. We are safe! God Bless you all. Thank you for being a Blessing in my life.
-One Grateful Parent
Thanks to you angels, you have made my children the happiest that I have ever seen them. There was nothing but smiles and laughter on Christmas morning especially from my teenager who now loves her "new room" as she calls it. 🙂 The best reaction I saw that morning came from my 5 year old whose face lit up when she opened a box that was filled with clothes, from there nothing else mattered, she was just happy that she got something new to wear. My girls love their jewelry making kit and have since made me a bracelet and a necklace that I wear faithfully every day and refuse to take off. My son opened his first gift which just so happen to be Tow Matter from the movie Cars and that was his highlight, it is now January 6th and he has yet to open anything else (I figure he will open them when he is ready to) and he is still playing with that one Tow Matter Truck lol. Bug is loving her Doll Babies, taking care of them and just being so motherly. All the children have expressed to me that this was the best Christmas ever. I know that without you guys this year would not have been possible and I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I pray that next Christmas I will be in a better position to provide for my babies. It is so nice to see that there are people that still have a heart and care in this world.  You have done something that I didn’t think was going to be possible. Again I say Thanks :) 
-Single Mom and Foster Parent

My son opened his gifts earlier then my daughter because he spent Christmas with his father in Ohio. The first gift he opened was the racing track which was something he had seen on TV and had on his Christmas list. He ran through the house yelling" look, look!! I got a race track". After opening that gift he didn’t want to open any other gifts. He took the racetrack set, racing Big Foot Truck and race car shoes that light up when he walks to Ohio with him. He came back home on Jan 1st and has been asking my neighbors to watch his shoes light up when he runs fast. LOL!!!! My daughter opened all of her gifts and asked "How does Santa know purple is my favorite color?" She wore her new purple outfit to school today. This Christmas was great and I really do appreciate our Christmas sponsor and would like to say "Thanks you and many, many blessing to you and your family forever. “
-Single Mom

I would like to take the time to thank those whom made it a GREAT Christmas for my kids. It was a difficult year for me. I was pregnant and ill over the summer of 2011. But with the help of the secret Santas, the kids really enjoyed their new toys and clothes. (My son) really enjoyed playing with puzzles and wearing his new red and black wind suit. "It’s cold outside so I will wear will my new suit" he says. (My daughter) enjoyed writing in her new journal so much. She has used up all the paper and even added a new notebook to the compartment. (The baby) just enjoys playing on the floor during tummy time and engaging in all of the colors of his new gadgets. I am truly grateful for you taking the time to make Christmas a better one for my family. Thank you and God Bless!
-Single Mom

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me and my family at this joyous and busy time of the year. We are truly blessed, and this has been a Christmas that will remain in our memories.  My children were very grateful. My son loved his tricycle and Thomas the Train book.  My daughter enjoys listening to her mp3 player, while cuddling on her pillow pet!!!! 
-Single Mom, Father in prison

Thank you for the gifts for my son. He loved everything. The guitar picks where a hit as he would use anything when playing his guitar. The clothes fit perfect. Thank you so much. Without your donation, I am not sure he would have had any presents this year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-Habitat for Humanity Family

Dear Santa,
I wanted to take the moment and say thank you! Our children’s Christmas would not have be the same without you.  Our three year old’s favorite gift was the Thomas the Train set.  Once he got the hang of what to do, he did not put it down.  He is still walking around the house holding the little train. Our older son loved the science slime set you got for him as well.  This gift was perfect since he has such a love for math and a fascination for science. Anything involving experimenting he loves.  Christmas was filled with jaw dropping moments and those smiles wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you!
-Low Income 2 Parent Family

My children want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for their wonderful Christmas presents. This year has been a tough one for them as their parents went through a divorce, dad lost his job and we’re getting ready to move out of the house they have been in for over 4 years. Although I love the month of December and the entire holiday season, I was so worried about how I was going to put presents under the tree for my children who don’t ask for much. We all want to thank you for making their Christmas morning. They normally aren’t thrilled about receiving clothing as gifts but (my son) loves his coat, his Braves hat and hasn’t put his Falcons blanket down. He has been enjoying the beautiful weather this week and has played football outside with his new ball for hours. (My daughter) also loves her new coat although her favorite things are the fuzzy boots as she wears them constantly even though they are meant to be slippers and the makeup set. It’s tough to please a teenager but she had a very happy morning and was pleasantly surprised to receive her gifts. After I picked up the items and wrapped them, I felt such a sense of peace that it really allowed me to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. I am so thankful for the organization and for our sponsorship. I have volunteered for years for Toys for Tots and at the local nursing home and in our time of need it has made us as a family decide that next year — although we hope to be in a better financial situation — we will spent more time giving back to others and paying it forward. Thanks again for everything.
-Financially Struggling Parent

My son has had many footballs but every time he gets one it is as if it was his first ball he has ever gotten. He loved the football as well as the black Hanes sweatpants. He likes the sweatpants so much he has tried to wear them every day since receiving them. As soon as it’s washed he looks for his sweatpants to put it on since it’s so comfortable. I really didn’t have any funds to get him anything this year and I am very thankful for the items given.
-Single Mom

I would like to take the time out to say thank you so much for sponsoring my children this Christmas. It really meant a lot to me and was a big help. (My son) really loves the jumbo foam ABC’s, he has put them together so many times. And (my oldest) loves the North Face Jacket. The girls both use the foot spa, and do each other’s nails. They enjoyed all the gifts they received and I am very thankful to you for taking the time out of your life to make my children’s Christmas a better one. Have a blessed and Happy New Year.
-Single Mom of 4 Small Childrentools4schools010

To Everyone at Act Together Ministries:
My family would like to thank everyone at Act Together Ministries for all the gifts given to my kids. My son loves each gift especially the basketball because he plays basketball and wanted a basketball. Everything fit him well. My daughter loves her gifts as well and read the magazine over and over. They opened the gifts before Christmas because they were so anxious to see what they got. Thank you to everyone who gave to my family to make Christmas a much better Christmas than they have had. May God continue to bless and prosper each and every one of you and your families.
-Habitat for Humanity 2 Parent Family

I just wanted to send a little note thanking you for your help this Christmas season. My toddler LOVED his Jingle dog and book. He isn’t very good at talking yet, but had fun "trying" to get Jingle to talk. His Tonka truck toys were great also. He played with them when I was in the hospital giving birth to his sister. I loved the clothes for the kids and the help with the necessities for the baby. I’m sure my baby will love her toys too! Thanks again for everything and for helping end a tough year on a positive note.
-Struggling Family

Thank you so much for thinking of my daughter this Christmas and for making it a special one for her.  She loves her Barbie and Barbie bed from Santa and the books (especially the one; "Sweet Thoughts") and the 2011 special edition Build-A-Bear.  Thank you for the devotional that she and I can read together.  Thanks again for giving her such nice gifts.
-Domestic Abuse Survivor/ Single Mom in School

Dear Christmas Angels,
We are so blessed to have your generous participation in providing a wonderful Christmas for our children. Our children do not have Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents or parents whom provide Christmas for them. They only have what God provides through you. There are no words to describe the excitement as they open their gifts and show off all they have been given. They gather it all together, trying on their new clothes to model for us, and showing off to the others. All the other kids cheer as they open each present and enjoy the other’s gifts almost as much as their own. Lots of sharing takes place but at the end of the day they each take their new gifts to their special container where they store, "their toys and clothes".Without your generosity Christmas would not happen for these children. May God bless you for caring for these little ones. You have given them more than a material gift, you have given them a gift of love.
-Director at Group Home

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you provided (my son) for Christmas.  He was so excited to see all the gifts Christmas morning!  He really enjoyed the art kit and drawing pads and couldn’t wait to use them.  When he saw the white striped shirt with new jeans, he wanted to wear them right away.  All the clothing fits perfectly and he looks so good in them.  He loves the crayon maker and wanted one ever since he saw the commercials on TV.  He was amazed at the glow-in-the-dark chalk.  Of course, he examined (and ate) the candy.  It made a great addition to his stocking.  I really appreciate you taking the time to get these gifts.  Your generosity helped make this Christmas special.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I wish you health and happiness during this holiday season and throughout the New Year.
-Single Mom Works Full-Time, No Money for Extrastools4schools014

I just wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate the sponsorship of our foster children for Christmas!! It’s people like you that help make Christmas special for these children!! We really appreciate all you and your sponsors do for us!!
-Foster Parent of 2

My family would like to take this time to say thank you for making our Christmas joyful this year. My kids were very eager to wake up this Christmas and find lots of gifts up under the tree for us to enjoy. Both kids were so excited to see all of the gifts Santa left them. (My daughter) enjoys lying on the floor in front of the TV with her pillow pet. She tries to take that pillow pet everywhere she goes. She also looks fabulous in the sweater dress she received. (My son) can’t get enough of looking handsome in his jeans and shirt. He also enjoys playing with his soccer ball. Thanks again for making our Christmas bright this year! Happy New Year to you and your family in 2012!!!
-Single Mom, Formerly Homeless

I am so very grateful for the wonderful Christmas presents you provided my children. This was probably one of our best Christmas’ ever.  The day Chrissy (volunteer) delivered our gifts I went through them, and just cried over the generous gifts.  I truly thanked you and Jesus that very moment. (My daughter) especially loved her black boots and her clothes. She needed them as much as she loved them.  She wore them for 2 days straight along with her new jewelry.  Her gift bag was absolutely perfect!  She loves having her own cup like mom’s! (My son)’s gifts were equally perfect.  His dad bought him a guitar so the book was just what he needed to enhance his skills.  It was like someone knew him personally and knew exactly what he needed and wanted. He was so fond of his new shoes and clothes as well. He didn’t want to wear them outside because he would get them muddy!  He kept telling me how comfortable they were. They played their video/computer games as well and we enjoyed that as a family.  The football and basketball hoop were also put to good use.  The Nerf hoop is on our bathroom door (lol) and it was a huge hit also.  He already has a Bible so he told me he was going to pass along God’s word to someone who needs/wants it.  Priceless!  I hope someday I can bless someone as much as Act Together has blessed us.  Being a single mom is so hard (mentally and physically) and everyday is faced with new and difficult challenges.  It was such a blessing that for at least one day, that burden was lifted and we were able to celebrate together with all these wonderful gifts and tidings. May God richly bless you and all of your volunteers and sponsors.  Please please pass along our gratitude and love to those who made this year a memorable one.
-Single Mom

Hello! As we begin a new year, I would like to personally thank you for the Christmas you provided for my daughter. As I write this note, she is saying "Mommy find the pictures in the book" of the Tinkerbell First Look & Find Book she received as one of her gifts. She has been wearing her new purple coat (awesome because purple is her favorite color), and her hat. Her eyes lit up when she saw the Princess Table Lamp (with Cinderella) and Ariel Jewelry Box. Those are her favorite two princesses. She adores the Princess Magic Mirror Set, and we plan to do the Poster Paint Set this afternoon. She’s been using the paint- brush as a make-up artist, as she pretends to paint my face and nails. It’s been a fantastic holiday season, and I send many blessings to our sponsors who helped to make it all possible. With sincerest thanks.
-Domestic Abuse Survivor, Formally Homeless

Thank you so much for supporting my family during the Christmas holidays. My granddaughter really loved the clothes and the doll baby which she loves. My grandson really need the coat because he didn’t have one and mostly the guitar that’s one of the things that he wanted for Christmas and finally my other grandson loved the clothes and the skateboard and the games. Thank you so much for making this Christmas a reality because I didn’t know how things were going to work out I’d like to thank the Act Ministries and God for this blessing.
-Grandparent raising children

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts you placed in (my daughter’s) birthday pack. It was like opening a bag of girl heaven. I’m not sure which she thought was the most fun, all the pink or the decorations for her room. It was just completely delightful. These gifts made her smile and giggle, which of course made me happy. Thank you for making my daughter’s birthday sweet and special. She really is a wonderful girl and helping me bless her means so much. You were a blessing to us.
-Single Mom

“To the Wonderful People Who Gave a Piece of Their Heart to Us on Christmas,
I wanted to thank you so very much for the gifts at Christmas. My Mom and I live alone and have been having a hard time. She works but is pregnant with twins and we don’t have any help. She works really hard and gets tired easily. She will be having my brothers in January and I worry about her still working. She’s a diabetic and has problems with that too. We don’t get any help from anyone because our family lives on the west coast. I don’t know what’s going to happen when the has three kids to take care of. I’m 14 and will try and help her as much as I can. This is the first time I’ve ever had a Coach purse! When I opened it I screamed! I couldn’t believe a stranger had gotten me something so nice! I see all my friends have purses like that but we’ve never been able to buy one. Not just the purse but with a matching wallet. I love it so much and use it every day. I love the color too. I can’t wait to go back to school and show all my friends. All the clothes I got were perfect. They were all my style and fit perfectly. I didn’t have a winter coat so it was so nice to open the gift and there was a warm coat. It also fit me perfectly and it was something i would have picked out myself. Everything I got was all the things I needed so much and we just couldn’t afford to buy. My mom and I used the $50 Publix gift card to get us a nice dinner for Christmas night and we cooked together. It was very nice they got a gift for my twin brothers too. We thought that was very sweet. I love all my gifts and was so happy every time I opened one and found such cute things. My Mom and I both cried thinking someone could be so kind and think about us during Christmas.We wanted so much to be able to to say thank you and this way we can. Please know how much we appreciate everything and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We loved it all and cherish your kindness. Have a Happy New Year!!!!!”
-14 year old girl

Dear Sponsor Family,Your family has been a true blessing for my family this Christmas.  You have given my children the best gift possible, which was hope and a renewed faith in the spirit of Christ.  You took the time and patience to pour your heart out to my family in such a time of need and I truly thank God for sending your family as a blessing to my family.  You will never be forgotten in our hearts and may God bless your family. I really thank God for Act Together Ministries and all the good and kindness you all have shown my family. This year has been a very trying time for me and my kids…it has been one trial after another, but we are still here making it only because we keep our faith in God. I want to thank the family who sponsored (my kids). (My oldest) fell in love with all her gifts especially her Princess and the frog Barbie and her new outfit and shoes. All her gifts were perfect for her. (My youngest) loves her new bike…lol…she scoots around all over the house. And (my son) has had his jogging outfit on almost everyday…lol…Thank you all so much. Hopefully next year my kids and I will be in the position to sponsor other families. Once again thank you all for your kindness and sacrifice this Christmas.Peace and Blessings
-Single Mom

I would like to say THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!  You made it possible for my boys to have a  great Christmas this year.  (My oldest) was thrilled when he unwrapped his present and realized he actually gotten the action figure that he wanted, and to top it all off, it was in his favorite color RED!!!!!   (My middle son) has not stop kicking the soccer ball around since he opened it from beneath the Christmas tree…   Including inside the house (Laughing out loud).  (My youngest), the only child I know who goes gaga over clothing has insisted that I store away his other jacket in the closet, because he has to wear the new bright one that he received from Santa on Christmas…  And my little lawyer to be, has not put his harmonica away since ripping the package wide open..  He even sleeps with it under his pillow! I know that none of this would have been possible with out you!!!  And I am very grateful and thankful for each and every one of you!!!   May gold bless you and yours, for He has sent you as a blessing to me and my boys!!!!!  
-Single Mom of 4 small boys, Works full-time and goes to school

I would like to thank the families that sponsored my children for Christmas this year. It was such a joy to watch (my daughter) open her gifts and see the expression on her face when she saw all the Hannah Montana items she received.  She now has a complete bedroom makeover, and feels good about keeping it extra clean and spending time in her room.  (My other daughter) is feeling like a princess Diva in her new super cute pajamas,and slippers.  She enjoys the challenges of her cranium game. She also was able to give the family gifts of her own by creating bracelets with the bracelet kit she received. My boys loved the wooden train set! They both are engineers in training, and never enjoy a dull moment. We all are so vey grateful for the love and kindness this community has shown, and this Christmas would not have been merry without your support.

This program has been a blessing for my family. Since we joined Act Together(not quite a year ago), my children received Christmas presents last year. I honestly could not afford to give them one gift on my own. I have 3 children 2boys and a girl. My boys were awarded a scholarship to play baseball(something they have always wanted to do)but I couldn’t afford. They did exceedingly well. My daughter was given the opportunity to ballet dance(and come out of her shell). It was such a beautiful sight to see. I am an only child, single parent, part time housekeeper, part time student and survivor of domestic violence. I don’t have much support due to the circumstances but the help this program has provided for my kids has definitely been a comfort. Thank you so much
-Domestic Abuse Survivor

Kid BallI wanted to let you know how incredible Reid and Joshua’s experience was this past fall. Your baseball scholarship allowed them their very first opportunity to play and they were in awe. The coaches were absolutely phenomenal. Even though they had much to learn, they practiced every afternoon and the games were the highlight of every week. I believe your scholarship began a love affair with baseball. For Christmas they both wanted more baseballs and they have been asking all month about when baseball will start again. Thank you so much, it was an incredible memory and the beginning of something wonderful for my boys. It was truly an incredible gift and has blessed all of us.
-Recipient of Baseball Scholarship

Thank you so much. My children had one of the best experiences in their childhood through you providing baseball scholarships. Neither of my children have ever had an opportunity to pursue these activities before, they only had a desire to eventually one day participate. You made one of their dreams come true! They have gained a new level of confidence and hope that they didn’t have before. This scholarship has definitely proven to take a child’s mind off of the hard times and place their mind body and spirit in a more pleasant and hopeful state. We thank God and we hope to pay you back by being productive citizens that are eventually self- sufficient and able to give opportunities like these to the less fortunate. Thank you and Thank you
-Recipient of Baseball Scholarship

“Thank you, thank you for (my son’s) birthday package. It was so generous and he was totally surprised. Within minutes they built the Star Wars ship and the robot toy. Miraculously we still have some of the candy left. I don’t know how that happened. But anyway, thank you so much to all those who took the time, energy, and resources during this busy holiday season to get such a fantastic bunch of gifts for (my son). He was so happy. I had only been able to get him one game and felt so bad, so your gift was as much for me as for him. Thank you again and God bless.”
-Single Mom

"Thank you, Act Together Ministries, and the generous sponsors for giving a hand up, smile, and support for my family. You are truly a ministry that shows everyone the love of Jesus through your actions. It may be a kind word or simple gesture, but it means a great deal."
– Single Mom

“I remember your ministry when I was in time of need for my family.  I appreciated all that your ministry have provided for my family.  I continue to pray and ask God to continue to bless your ministry each day.  I would like to know if I can give back to your ministry. “
-Single Mom

"(My daughter) starts horseback riding tomorrow and is really excited. Thank you so much for getting the scholarship for her. We looked at the website and it seems like a really nice place. God has been so good to (my daughter); she has and is being carried on God’s arm (Is 60). "
-Single Mom, Recipient of Scholarship

Thank you for the clothes and toys. Your donations were very well received, and they helped to make my son’s Christmas so much brighter. He smiled the biggest I’ve seen in a while when he opened his presents. He did not expect to receive anything this Christmas so imagine his surprise and appreciation Christmas morning. I was unable to purchase anything but a shirt for him, so your additional gifts truly made his Christmas worth mentioning. It is so hard to please and shop for a teenage boy, especially for a boy of his size. The jacket and shoes fit perfectly and he’s been playing basketball with his friends. God bless you and thank you so much for your generosity! Happy new year!
-Single Mom, Out of Work, Recently hospitalized

I would like to thank you so much for providing gifts for my daughters so they could have a wonderful Christmas! It was such a blessing and I appreciate the sacrifices you made to help my children experience so much joy and happiness opening their gifts. May God bless you and your family for blessing mine. I hope you have a truly Happy New Year and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
A Blessed Mom,
-Single Mom

Thank you so much for (my son)’s gifts.  He loved everything!  Everyone was so warm and welcoming to us at the party.  Your ministry is truly a blessing! tools4schools006
-Single Mom

Dear Sponsors:
Thank you for your generosity this Christmas. Our children had a wonderful Christmas because of your reaching out to help see to it that they had gifts under the tree. Our kids don’t get gifts from parents, grandparents, etc., and your giving has made memories that otherwise would not have been possible. Our prayer is that God will bless you for caring and sharing. Happy New Year!
-Director at Group Foster Home

To the many wonderful families and individuals who made this Christmas so special for my children,

I know I will never know all the people who opened up their hearts this year and poured out the love of Christ on me and my children. For four years we have been barely making ends meet and every year seems to get harder. But this year has been incredibly difficult and I didn’t even want to think about Christmas. My kids are so gracious that they don’t ask for very much, but there were still things they needed and other things I wanted them to have just so they can experience the joy we all want our children to hold in their memories for a lifetime. But your generosity blew me away. It was like Jesus was saying with every squeal of delight, "See, I haven’t forgotten you." You blessed me as much as you did my children. Thank you.

(My oldest daughter) has already started sewing with her sewing kit and painting with her art supplies. There were so many extra gifts beyond what she had even dared to dream of asking for and it was so wonderful to see her so excited. (My special needs son) LOVES Toy Story and Disney and Veggie Tales and he kept stopping opening his presents so he could go put in the new DVDs to watch. We kept having to bring him back out to open his gifts and he would get completely enveloped in whatever he opened. It was precious. The clothes were so needed. Thank you so much. Besides growing like a weed, he chews holes in his clothes so these were such a blessing. (My youngest daughter) was all squeals. She loved the clothes and makeup, but especially the Glee items and the curling iron. She kept saying, "Mommy! Look!" (My middle son) was absolutely speechless. I think his favorite was the Wii duck game, but he has been going crazy over the dart board too. Honestly there were so many great gifts that every single one of them is set up in the living room. He looks so good in his new clothes. You forget how proud new clothes make kids feel, but oh my goodness he is smiling so big in his new clothes.  (My baby)  could not be any happier (except when he has beat his brother at one of their new games). He has also challenged every one of us to foosball and I have to admit I think he has beaten us all. He is just ecstatic over all the gifts, toys, and clothes and plays with everything non-stop. I know many of you sacrificed to give my children a wonderful Christmas, and I want you to know you succeeded. It blessed them and me in so many ways and I hope you know that we are deeply grateful for the love and generosity you have shown us. Thank you, and may Christ bless you richly this year as you continue to share His love throughout our world. In Christ,
-Single Mom of 5, One child has severe special needs

Thank you for allowing for me to provide my family with a wonderful Christmas this year. You really went above and beyond and blessed our family so much that it brings tears to my eyes. Because of you, my children went crazy as they saw what Santa Claus had brought them.  The girls play with the play dough ice cream and cupcake making kit daily.  Plus, the pet car and vet kit are a perfect match. I do not think that I could have even picked out as good of stuff had I been able to do it myself. (My son) thinks that he is a certified handy man with his new tools. And they look adorable in those clothes. I could go on for hours about how you made our Christmas, but I think this should suffice. You have truly shown Jesus’ hands and feet to a family in need.  I know that God will bless your kindness.  Thanks again.
-Single Mom making minimum wage and going to school

Thank you so very much for the Christmas blessing that was given to us. (My granddaughter) enjoyed the other children at the Christmas gathering.  All the activities that were there for the children to enjoy was wonderful. And the children that were helping made it a joy for us to know how much we were loved. The food was so delightful and when (my granddaughter) opened her gifts, her eyes lit up. To see her dress in pants with the matching top.  Oh, she held on tight to her new clothes! This was the best Christmas ever to see my granddaughter have gifts. It brought tears to my eyes to know that there are people who care. Thank you so much for the gifts and also the gifts of showing us your love for us too.  I will never forget this Christmas. Everyone was so happy to show us so much love. Thank you and may GOD forever bless you for giving my granddaughter a CHRISTMAS OF JOY
-Note written from Grandma (situation: Single Mom, works full-time and cares for her mother)

I would like to thank you and thank the people who sponsored (my daughter)’s birthday.  I stopped by this evening after work and got the birthday pack.  (My daughter) was in the car with me and she was really really happy.  She loves horses and receiving the presents with horses toys just made her day.  Words can not express my gratitude. Thank you so much to the family who sponsored and made my little girl day so special. I am humbled and touched. God bless you for arranging this and God bless the sponsor family for their generosity. From a grateful heart,
-Struggling Family

“Thank you for helping us to allow our daughter to have a special birthday.  She was so pleased with all of the Barbie and Princess themed items.  Our girl really felt special for a day, thanks to your generosity.  So often, in our family, much attention is given to her brother who has special needs and numerous medical problems.  For this day, she was the center of attention.  We wouldn’t haveDSC_9631 been able to pull off such a special day without your help. Much love”
-Special Needs Family

"Thank you soooo soooo much for the wonderful birthday package. It was much more than I would have imagined and blessed me and my family greatly. The girls had a wonderful time and love their new presents. Thank you for being the hands of Christ during this tough time."
-Mother Going Through Difficult Divorce

"Thank you so much for the birthday pack for (my daughter.) She absolutely loved all of her presents, decorations and all of the goodies that were given to her. We are very grateful. You are helping us give our children a wonderful birthday in these very hard times.  God Bless you."
-Struggling Family

I would like to thank you guys for what you have done. My daughter and I  really appreciate each and everyone of you. It means so much to me to know that there is someone out there that’s willing to help in a time of need. I pray that the Lord bless you all one hundred fold.
-Single Mom in Local Shelter

It is such a blessing to know that we are not alone, the ministry in itself has given me hope on those dreary days, that I have sometimes. Know that your work does not go unnoticed.  Thank you for all you do!
-Family that Received Christmas Sponsorship

Thank you so much for making our Christmas so special! My oldest son loved his new P.J’s and shoes. The Lego  racers were also a great hit for him that he has enjoyed playing with a lot. My little one loved his new sweaters and shoes too!

Thank you so much for all the great cloths and Lego Racers!  We really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to make our Christmas great!

Thank you Christmas Angels,

-Family with special needs child, no money for extras

Dear Santa,

       My name is savannah grace and I am 4 years old. You made my Christmas morning with the clothing and shoes . I really enjoyed the tinker bell stuff, she is my favorite. I will try to be good next year too.

Thanks so much

Savannah Grace and mommy

Dear Santa,

     My name is Christopher and I am 9 years old. You did a wonderful job with the comfy warm clothing you got me. It was great for playing in the snow on Christmas day. How did you know my grandma was getting me a race track? The cars went great with it thanks so much. I will try to be nicer to my little sister this year


Christopher and mommy

Dear Santa,

      My name is Steven Robert and I am 8 months old. You bringing me that high chair was great. I can now eat with my big brother and sister at dinner time. I really like the shoes as I am learning to walk now. Thanks again


Steven Robert and mommy
-Dad out of work due to recent car accident

I was overwhelmed with the love I felt from those who sponsored my son’s Christmas this year.  He was without many necessary items this years including a heavy coat and shoes, both which were gifted to him this Christmas season.  It came just in time this year with the winter snow we had. He was able to play in the snow with his new winter coat and shoes that fit him!  I am so grateful that we were given the Christmas presents this year. Thank you so much!!!
God bless you all!!!

-Single Mom, works full-time and goes to school

Thank you so much for the gifts for my kids for Christmas. (My daughter) loved the mp3 player! (My son) loves the basketball that glows in the dark. He doesn’t ever put it down! My oldest loves his new shoes. This really made their day and mine. I was so worried about them for Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a God sent.
Thank you dearly,
-Single Mom of 3, No money for Extras

You guys are way too good to my family! We can’t believe all the great stuff you guys got them. Any ONE of those things would have been enough. (My daughter) was so excited to get her new coat and she also wore the new shirt on Christmas day! Thank you much for everything.
Love and blessings,
-Homeless Family

To Our Special Angel,Happy New Year and belated Christmas to you and your family. You made my children’s Christmas morning the best Christmas they’ve ever had! There were no presents under the tree Christmas Eve, so when they woke up Christmas morning and saw the gifts with their names, they were so excited!When (my son) opened the box he received, it had a coat/Jacket in it. He said to me “Thank God Mom I really needed this” Tears came to my eyes because I didn’t even know my son needed a coat. He’s in high school and he didn’t want to bother me about getting one. You made it possible for my son to stay warm for the winter.(My daughter) opened her gift, and my goodness she started screaming. The bag that she received was ideal. She said all her friends had similar bags and she doesn’t feel left out anymore. All the nick-knacks that she has were put into this bag. She said she can’t wait to go back to school so her friends can see the cool bag that she got. We were invited to my neighbor’s house for dinner and she had to bring the bag with her. I mean my neighbor is literally the house next door. So no matter what I said about her bringing this bag with her, she still insisted that she’s bringing it. That’s her favorite gift and she loves it.

____ is my special needs son. (My daughter) helped him open up a gift that had a match box car. The things that he likes to do is play with small things in his hands. So we put him on the carpet and put the car in front of him to see how he would react to it. Well he surprised us, because he usually just looks at things, smiles and we would say he likes it, but this time he reached out to it and held it into his hands without anyone having to put it into his hands. That was a Christmas blessing.

______ is my medical fragile baby. She’s on oxygen and was all over the place trying to open every gift that she could. And for some reason she got one of her own and opened it. While we were attending to (my special needs son), all we heard was her saying the word “BABY!” When we turned and looked, she was so right it was a baby. Every chance she got she was kissing the box of her baby. We started to get this baby doll out of the box so she could play with it, and she had a fit. She cried. She cried and cried. After we finally got the doll out of the box, she grabbed the doll, hugged it and gave it a kiss. That was a special moment. You made that possible. I really don’t know what’s up with the girls I have in my home, but (my baby) brought her doll with her to the neighbor’s house as well!

This Christmas was a special one for my Family, and you made it possible. My family and I would like to
Thank you. Happy New Year, and many blessing for your entire family.
Thank you and God Bless
-Single Mom, Unable to work due to having two critically ill children

“What I have seen God do in and through ACT has been mind blowing and a testimony to the prayer commitment. He is good.” 
-Prayer Team Member

“I just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to Act Together Ministries for what (they are) doing in the community.  Today’s event was a prime example of God’s work in action through his people.  Thanks so much for all that you do. “
-Single Mom Battling Cancer

Thank you sooo much for the gifts I picked up yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to expect. How blessed I felt to have had the privilege of dealing with you guys. Thanks to you my kids didn’t have to be hungry or cold or stand in a line literally a thousand people long just to get Christmas presents. Thanks to you there will still be joy and magic at our house Christmas morning! God bless you for not only the work you do but also the humble quiet spirit you do it with.
-Single Mom of Three

“Wow!  I’ve never experienced anything like this.  This has built my confidence in outreach programs.  They really do what they say they will do.  The helpers were very nice.”
-Ministry Family

"I’m looking forward to the (Bible Study), making connections and hopefully developing some friendships. It lonely being a divorced single mom. I am here in Georgia with no family. And being that it is a Bible study with Godly principles for living is even better! I really appreciate Act Together Ministries."
-Single Mom

Our children were spoiled this season. They got absolutely wonderful gifts! I can tell the secret Santa’s were shopping specifically for each individual child and they were buying gifts with love.  I could feel the love and kindness in every gift!  My kids were very happy and loved every single gift!  Everything was terrific. I wanted to make sure to say thank you 🙂 . P.S  The "Monkey Puppet" and Bolt, the Disney Puppy , in the stocking stuffers, were a HUGE hit also 🙂
~Foster Parent

Dear Friends,
My little baby, my oldest, just turned 15 and I can hardly believe it. We are not in the place I imagined so many summers ago when I held that precious gift in my arms. But I know we are in His arms because without fail, His people continue to shower us with goodness and love. Thank you so much for the movie pack for (my daughter). She and the friends she invited to spend the night were up playing the popcorn game, eating all the goodies, and discussing what movies she should go see with her movie gift card. Her little brothers have their own plans to beg her to take them with her. But either way, she was thrilled and delighted and I find myself in the blessed position of saying thank you to those who seek to love Jesus by loving me and my children. Thank you.
-Single Mom

My family and I cannot begin to thank-you enough for organizing the youth group from Panama City to come and help us in the yard June 18.  As you saw, the front natural area was terribly overgrown, and the fence was way overdue to be painted. 

We have a special needs teenager, and it was difficult for us to even keep up the basic yard work, such as mowing and edging. All we were able to do in the front natural area was occasionally pull a few weeds.  The team from Panama City worked hard, in blistering heat, to pull out all the ivy, dig up bushes, prune bushes, pull weeds, and just generally help us create a new, low maintenance landscape.  While half the team did that, the other half gave the fence a thick coat of new paint.  They even took a few breaks and helped out my neighbors with a couple of projects!

What a tremendous witness this was to our neighbors, who were blown away that a group of kids would come from Florida and help out a family they didn’t know.

After they left, we lay down mulch and planted some new plants.  I thought you’d like to see how it looks.  Next year, when all the new plants have grown up, we’ll have one of the prettiest yards in the neighborhood- and one that requires much less maintenance!

Again, thank-you so much.
-Family with Special Needs Child

YardA youth group from Forest Park United Methodist Church served with Act Together for a missions project.  Summer 2010

"This internship blew all of my expectations out of the water. I grew in my knowledge of at-risk families, of non-profits, of my own skills, and of everything it takes to keep an organization running properly. Most of all, I grew spiritually. With Heather as a mentor and through my involvement with a small group associated with the ministry, my faith has grown immensely. These past few months have proven to be exciting, challenging, frustrating, and simply amazing all at the same time."
-Nikki Melson, Summer Intern 2010

“I am sitting here crying now, so grateful that we serve such an Awesome God!  I am so thrilled to have learned about ACT, and how you all serve our community.  I plan on continuing to serve and participate with you guys. After I received the newsletter yesterday, I forwarded it on to a friend/coworker that knew I’d served with you guys and showed a lot of interest.   She then forwarded it on to her "MOPS" group, and got goose bumps this morning when I  learned several of them had responded by signing up to serve! Thank you so much for all you do”

Dear Sponsor,

I would like to thank each and every one of you for the generosity and blessings you have given my family and I this Christmas. Both my children were extremely excited and couldn’t wait until Christmas morning. My son got his Nerf Gun and my daughter got her Unicorn Pillow Pet and I couldn’t believe that it was the exact ones they had asked me for.

We don’t do Santa anymore they found out last year, only because they wanted an Elf on a Shelf, which I could not afford to get. They told me (very adamantly) that it was ok and that Santa would bring one to them. Well knowing that “Santa” was not bringing one I had to break the news to them. It was a sad sad night, but I was able to reinforce the true meaning of Christmas. I actually told them that I was getting help from Act Ministries and that they helped me last year too. They were skeptical about whether or not they would get something that they really wanted. But at the same time they thought it was really cool and nice of Act Together Ministries to be helping out their mom along with others who needed it.

When they saw the gifts from Act Together Ministries under the tree they were so excited and kept trying to guess what they got. Come Christmas morning they were thrilled to see that they did indeed get what they wanted, along with so many other wonderful things. I never mentioned the Nerf Gun or Pillow Pet when I sent in my request for assistance so I know in my heart that God truly did his work. We appreciate everything that Act Ministries has done for us and we thank you for supporting Act Together Ministries this Christmas season. If it wasn’t for them my children may not have known the kindness and generosity in the hearts of others.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
-Single Mom, works full-time, no money for extras

My son says, "Mommy, I know we just moved, and you have had a lot going on.  You don’t have to worry about getting us gifts.  Adrian(his little bother) won’t even know its Christmas."

The surprise my son had, to see gifts was the best feeling I could have ever had.  When he asked me how, knowing Santa doesn’t exist.  I responded by telling him there are wonderful people out there doing the work as if Santa did exist.  Instead of Santa helpers, they are God’s helpers.

I am very grateful for the gifts, peace and calmness you brought into my home.

Thank you!
-Dad lost job, Mom working and Dad working a part-time job while looking for a full-time position

Thank you all so much for the Christmas gifts. My daughter opened her moxie girl doll and said "I knew Santa could get it!" My son has already built and rebuilt his legos and my baby has played with her ring stacker every time I put her on the floor. She’s getting really good at maneuvering the pieces. My teen loved the jacket and put it on right away. She loved its softness. Again thank you for all you do to give to others. Sometimes when people give gifts and things, they give just enough to say they’ve given. You give above and beyond and it is reflected in the face of the children. Thank you for giving to my kids as if they were your own!
-Single Mom of four

Thanks to you and Act Together Ministries we had a wonderful Christmas. (My daughter) loved the sweater and skinny jeans and we can’t get her to put down the Club Penguin Video Game. Thank you all for your help and support on making this a great holiday for my family. Thank you!
-Dad works full-time but struggles to make ends meet

Thank you for providing gifts for my children this year. You made the holidays a delightful time for both of them. (My oldest) loved the Sweater she received and (my youngest) was appreciative of everything. You have touched our hearts with your kindness and warmth and your blessings to us will always be cherished. 
-Foster Parent

Thank You for the wonderful Christmas gifts! The boys loved the clothes, wallet and shoes fit perfect! The football was perfect for the game of snow football after Christmas dinner. The board game was the icing on the cake since we were stuck in the house on Sunday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
-Single Mom working full-time

Dear Act Together Ministries: I would like to say how amazed I was. You made it possible for my three children to see another decent joyous Christmas. You made my children’s day with your generous gifts especially my daughter about her bicycle. As for my son, he really enjoyed his hot wheels and his tracks. Thank you so much he loves it. My daughter really enjoyed her Candy land board game and her princess chalk board. She even loves her red coat. I just enjoyed everything you have done because knowing you took time out of your busy schedule to make their Christmas glisten. Thank everyone for their kindness and blessings. Have a blessed day.
-Single Mom, No money for extras

My words here could never be enough to truly express how blessed our family was by your generosity of money and time spent giving my girls such special gifts. Thank-you for the obvious attention and love in each and every selection. (My oldest) really loved the hair brushes and now she doesn’t have to share with her sister. I think her favorite was definitely the cow girl boots because she put them on right away and hasn’t taken them off since! (My younger daughter) was really delighted with the Burt’s Bee’s items especially the little purse. It just so happens that the color purple is her favorite right now so the vest was a big hit. Definitely the Fushigi ball was one of her favorites as well. We all had a really good time at the party and are really blessed by Act Together all year long God Bless all you Sponsors and your families.
-Single Mom

“I am so moved by God’s grace in the life of Act Together in the past years! I give Him all the honor and praise. What a joy to be a part of the prayer team for this ministry and to watch God’s hand move right before my very eyes.”
–Prayer Team Member

“Had a great day and so much fun helping get the fishing poles ready. Feels good do something fun for others. It was so wonderful to see [my kids] helping the other children and being excited for them! Can not wait for the event in October. Remember do something nice for a complete stranger today…it will make a world of difference not just for them but for you as well! ;)”
-Regular Volunteer

“The overall experience was AMAZING!! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of something so great. I would change nothing. One experience that sticks out in my mind was the intense love some of these mom’s have for their special needs children. What a huge blessing it was for us to see that kind of love. Thanks!!”

My daughter really wants to take ballet. She loves dance and is a natural performer when she’s on stage. Thank you so much for providing (my daughter) with this opportunity for a ballet scholarship! It will mean so much and will really help to brighten up her life in a big way!
– Recipient of Ballet Scholarships 2010-2011 School Year                            


When I first came in the morning, I had the idea that the children would be painting "faces" on the pumpkins – 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth. I was going to do an "example" pumpkin so they would have an idea of what it would look like, because I wanted to make sure that they got it right. Thank goodness I didn’t find time to do one – it would have taken away from the beautiful creations that sprung up! There was not a single pumpkin that looked like another, and each one was so creative and uniquely made, just like the artists who made them!

Thank you for this opportunity (for my boys.) We are a single parent household I work part time and I am a part time student. Finances are tight and have been tight for a while. I am a wise spender but I never really made enough money to get us out of poverty so I do the best I can with what I have as I try to keep my dignity at the same time.  Sometimes that’s a wrestle but nevertheless we thank God for programs like this.
-Recipient of Baseball Scholarships Fall 2010


My new acquaintance with Act Together Ministries has reminded me that by simply asking you can provide a way for people to participate in God’s work. When you asked us to be involved with Family Fun Fest there was an immediate “yes” in my spirit knowing that this was a perfect fit for our studio to serve our community. As is often the case we received far more than we gave. When you are involved in the performing arts it is common to have attention drawn to the performer. As a teacher it was so gratifying to see my students focused on others; playing with, listening to, and loving other children. We were able to involve others behind the scene as well. Ballet moms are awesome cupcake bakers!
-Local Business Owner

As a dancer and a Christian, I am always excited to see God working in my life as well as others’. This past weekend I had the opportunity to do that at what ended up being a hoola- hoop booth. If you played, your name was put in a raffle to win pointe shoes decorated by us ballerinas. As we began to draw the names of these precious little girls, I felt God at work. Each girl received just the right shoe for her… One little girl named Mia received a shoe with "You’re Beautiful" written on it. I felt in my spirit that this little girl might find her shoe twenty years from now in the back of her closet and remember me hugging her and saying, "Can you read what this says? It says that you’re beautiful." The thing is, these kids didn’t care what the shoe looked like… it’s just the simple fact that they were chosen that brought so much joy.
-8th Grade Student


“We had a wonderful time serving with you all on the 3rd.  My family has been so touched by serving they are actually taking it upon themselves to give to others on their own.  Its amazing to watch!  We are looking forward to all the serve opportunities to come.”
-Volunteer, Mother of Three

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating the birthday package for my daughter. Every time Christmas or birthday comes around i worry about not being able to give her anything. Yall blessed me with being able to give her gifts "from Mommy". God Bless you"
-Single Mom/ Domestic Abuse Survivor

I am very appreciative of the fact that my children get to enjoy and express themselves through dance. They are so happy and looking forward to starting tomorrow.
-Recipient of Ballet Scholarships 2010-2011 School Year

I am so grateful for friends like you that we don’t even know, but that are willing to reach out to help a single mom and her children.  My daughter loved the boots and the calendar.  She is a sweet 11 year old now, with a heart for the Lord …. if you could keep her protection in your prayers it would be awesome.
Blessings to you, tools4schools013
-Single Mom

I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  The sweats that have (my son)’s name on them just made me want to cry.  He kept saying, “VeggieTales-Hercules, VeggieTales-Hercules!”  Whoever gave these gifts put so much love into them, like it was their own child.  He is still running around right now making his own quirky delighted, happy noises.  In fact, he just ran by and said, “DISNEY DVD!” Please tell this family that sponsored him thank you for making this such a special day for him and for being so very generous. God Bless You,
-Special Needs Mom

You all certainly keep busy, and we sincerely appreciate all that you are doing for our community and families in need.
-Roswell Non-profit Leader

Oh my goodness, how did you know she needed a bed? Did I put that on my list or something? [My daughter] has been sleeping on a futon for a long while now. Thank you, I really appreciate the good news today (lots and lots of tears of joy).
-Single Mom in Local Shelter

Dear Sponsor Family,
Thank you so much for helping me to give my children Christmas presents this year. I know that is not the meaning of Christmas but it will be nice to see their faces when they open them. I pray that God blesses you for your act of kindness. Thanks again. Merry Christmas!
-Single Mother of Three

I have two boys that LOVE to play baseball. I took them to their first Braves game this summer and we have gone to the park to try to hit balls. Sadly, I do not really know how to throw, which makes it extremely difficult for them to hit anything. Yet they still want to play and keep asking to go to the park. They have been talking about the game all summer long and asking when they will be able to play. They show everyone the signed ball we got at the stadium. Thank you so much for the baseball scholarships.
-Recipient of Baseball Scholarships Fall 2010

Christmas Thank You!
There are not many words that I can say that would really express the appreciation that I felt when we received the Christmas gifts! There are some challenges that single parents face, and for the most part they are sometimes easier to face then others.  Christmas was one of those that rip your heart out knowing your budget will not allow for those small gifts or even the necessities that are a must to have! You have truly set yourself apart to help a family in need.  And for that I want to thank you! The face of the kids when they opened up their gift was so incredible.  Their spirits were high and their hearts were touched.  My children face circumstances that cause them to have to have a greater responsibility then others.  This Christmas they were able to be kids.  I pray that the Lord Bless you all immensely.  And that one day you are blessed 100 times of the time and giving you spent on my family! With All My love and Appreciation!
-Single Mom

Thank You for taking time out of your lives to think of my children. They were so happy with their gifts and it made my day. I was not in the Christmas mood this year and your generosity had me in high spirits.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I wish you many blessings and Happy New Year to you and your family.
-Single Mom

I would like to take the time out to say thank you to you and the family that sponsored my children. Their face faces lit up on Christmas morning when they saw all the wonder full gifts that were given to them. I explained to my children that the gifts were from Jesus and that we should be very great full to share his birthday with him. I can not explain how much it means to me that my family was chosen and was cared for in hits time of need that a lot of families are going through. I pray for the family that that cared enough for use I wish them the best for the new year. I pray for you as well Heather for being a part of something, that has so much meaning to those that has so little.
-Struggling Family

Thank you all for thinking about me and my girls during this holiday season. Your gifts definitely made the holidays merrier for my family and for that we will be forever grateful. I hope everyone had a great holiday!
-Struggling Family

To the generous brothers and sisters in Christ who showered my children in love this Christmas… Thank you!
Your gifts brought so much joy.  There were gasps of delight and proud smiling faces when they tried on the clothes.  I couldn’t get (my son) to take off his Nike athletic pants and jacket.  I know it seems like a small thing, but all those clothes were nice, very nice, and my children knew it.  They felt confident and beautiful, and they were.  It made me so so happy to watch their faces.  Thank you.  The toys, the art supplies, the wonderful little joys that were specially chosen for each child-  I saw the time and effort that you put into letting each of my children know they are loved.  Please know that they opened every gift with all the enthusiasm and joy that you must have hoped for when you chose those gifts.  Thank you and may God bless you abundantly this year. 
-Single Mom

Please pass on to the family who helped with our Christmas gifts that we are so very grateful and also so thankful for you and your ministry!!!  The kids especially loved the game and (my daughter) loved her special socks.
-Single Mom

Oil Changing

Thank you and your organization for helping my family out this year for Christmas!!!   The boys had a wonderful time!!!!  When (my son) opened his present he nearly had a fit when he saw the V-Tech, not to mention he is a clothes person as well!!!  He was bouncing from room to room!!!!!  (my middle son) was so excited that he got some new Christmas pajama’s… He put them on immediately and spend the whole day with them on…  All he kept saying was mommy these are sooooooooooo soooooooft(he is the comedian of the family)  The baby saw books and lost his mind.. LOL  Every night he wants to read a story TO ME!!!!  (Bless his heart he can’t even spell cat yet).  And as for (my oldest) the head of the family, all he wanted to do was go outside and play football and basket…  (He sleeps with the football, Although I do try to put it on the floor next to him instead of his bed, once he falls asleep)…   My Boys had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!    Thank you so much!!!  Words can not express how grateful I am that Lord blessed me and my family with such a great, loving and caring organization!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!
-Struggling Single Mother

Thank you so much for making our Christmas special.  (My son) loved all the gifts.  He especially liked the flying helicopter and the lego set.  The clothes were perfect. He loves the jacket with the pocket on the sleeve.  He wears it every day. I don’t think I could have done better if I had done the shopping myself!!  Thanks to you, Our Christmas was wonderful. I hope your Christmas was wonderful.  We certainly enjoyed our gifts.
-Single Mom

I wanted to thank Act Together Ministries for all the gifts my daughters will open on Christmas day.  I am so humbled and touched for everything.  My children will be able to have a wonderful Christmas even though I am having financial difficulties. Again Thank you so much and God Bless you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-Struggling Family, Mom recently found job

Our family can’t thank your organization enough for the incredible day of fun at the party and for the incredible presents for our kids. We slept so good Saturday night and are actually looking forward to Christmas morning. We cannot wait until next year when we can help out a family in need. Thanks so much.
-Formerly Upper Middle Class Family, Both parents laid off and they lost everything
Dearest Christmas Sponsor,
This Christmas would not have been as special without your time and effort.  I truly appreciate your donation and (my son) had a wonderful time with the gifts you provided.  I am not really sure what he enjoyed the most because he was so excited about everything! 

He was thrilled to get the new outfit!  When he opened the Lego Batman shirt, he immediately started quizzing me on the characters.  He loved the shirt so much that he slept in it, too.  He was so excited about the shoes and they are now his "favorite" because he can tie the laces (a newly learned skill)!  He really needed the jeans, socks and underwear.  He absolutely loved getting belts!  He has never had a belt before.  He wants to wear them with every pair of pants.  He was very eager to wear his new outfit.  He changed from his pajamas into 100% new clothes!  Head to toe, top to bottom (literally).  He looked so cute and I could tell that he felt great in them.  He also had to wear his new outfit on his first day back to school.

The toys were also a huge hit!  (My son) asked for a remote control vehicle and I am so glad that you got him one.  It is perfect for him and he enjoys driving it all around the house.  He loves that it is a monster truck so he runs it into everything, including me!  We are really looking forward to taking it outside to the apartment tennis courts.  He also loves the Hot Wheels game!  The first time he played it, he was shocked and had to explain to me, "it’s a car AND a remote control!"  He also really enjoys the Jeep with motorcycle trailer.  I think his favorite parts about it are the sounds the Jeep makes and, believe it or not, the kickstand on the motorcycle. 

Your donation of Christmas gifts was extremely helpful and very much appreciated.  I am truly grateful for your help and generosity.  You made excellent decisions on the gifts you chose.  (My son) had a wonderful time opening all the presents and continues to enjoy them each day.  I hope that this letter shares our excitement of Christmas morning with you.  Thank you again, "Santa", from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I wish you a happy new year!  May you have the best health, wealth, and happiness in the year to come.  God Bless.
-Single Mom works as a waitress

I want to say thank you for saving Christmas. Our Christmas was made by your ministry. I had nothing for Christmas gifts for my 2 daughters this year. My youngest daughter loves her bedspread and pajamas almost too much. It was perfect for her and she has been on the hunt for matching curtains since the blue and purple match her room perfectly. How did you know exactly what to get? God is great and  bless you so much for making my daughter so happy on her return home. My greatest gift was seeing her so happy at such a hard times. Thank You.

With the assistance of your ministry my family had a wonderful holiday. My oldest daughter received a beautiful bedspread and clothes that seemed to be bought just for her. I cannot express how blessed I felt when  her face lit up as she opened her comforter. I didn’t see her for over 2 hours as she locked herself away to redo her room. Thank you so much and God bless you.
-Single Dad, Laid off working odd jobs to provide

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you all thank you very much. Christmas was wonderful! My children were so excited to see the things they had asked for. We have never used any sort of help like this so they generally just get little dollar store items, which are fine and they appreciate them, but it was so cool to see their faces light up when they got what they actually wanted. More than they’re thanks, I want to give my own. Not only did you give to children who you’ll never know, you gave so sweetly. I came in to pick up the gifts and didn’t feel horrible about having to come. You were all so kind. The tags were left blank for me to write my name or signed by Santa, which I thought was wonderful. It is great for them to know strangers care but it was so nice for them to think mom could do for them! I was so excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much, not only about whether a few kids had Christmas gifts but also for allowing the parents to still feel like parents. It was the greatest gift I could have received this year. God bless you all!
-Struggling Family

Thank-you so much for the joy you brought to our family this Christmas. My girls are so precious to me. I was so touched when I picked up the gifts and cried when I saw the bike for my oldest. Christmas morning was a truly blessed event thanks to you. I still have you all in my prayers.
-Single Mom

prayertentI would like to send along over due thanks to the sponsors. My family and I were extremely overwhelmed with the blessing that your giving brought us this Christmas.. Words can’t express our gratitude as we looked back at events of last year. Our thank you is continuous and everlasting. Our prayer is to give the way that you did someday.  You have impacted the lives of my 3 great children and have shown them the true meaning of Christmas. God Bless you,
-Struggling Family

Thank you so much for sponsoring our family through Act Together Ministries. Without your generosity, I almost certain that the children would not have had a Christmas at all. To see how happy they were as they open their gifts from Santa and as they continue to enjoy them brought tears to my eyes. I praise God for you and keep you and your family in my prayers. Merry Christmas and may you continue to have God’s favor in 2010.
-Single Mom

You made such a difference in how my daughter felt about giving her son Christmas and the non judgmental way you spoke with her when she called went such a long way for her self esteem and their Christmas.  She even called and was reading from the Bible you included in the package.  It’s been a long time since she mentioned reading her Bible to me.