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You Have Not Been Forgotten

If you’ve lost your job or your salary has been reduced, you are not forgotten. If you are a planner and the uncertainty is paralyzing, you are not forgotten. If you have no escape from the abuse in… Read More

10 Ways You Can Help Foster Children Without Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster parenting isn’t for everyone but there are several ways you can support foster children, even if you are unable to care for them on a full time basis. Here are some ideas: Sponsor a Foster Child- Act… Read More

Raising Compassionate and Empathetic Children

If you are like me, raising children who are compassionate and empathetic toward others is more important than impressive grades, developing a talent or being an all-star on the ball team. Here are some things I try to… Read More

10 Ways Children Can Make a Difference

They may be small, but they can make a big difference. Here are some ways to help your children develop empathy, compassion and gratitude while also helping those around them. And most of these volunteer opportunities can be… Read More

10 Volunteer Opportunities in Metro Atlanta for Kids

Help meet critical needs in our community while cultivating a heart for others in your children. Here are some ideas to get your family out and serving around metro Atlanta. Deliver Meals– Meals on Wheels needs volunteers to… Read More

Volunteer Opportunities for Metro Atlanta Kids Who Love Animals

Want to teach your children to volunteer? Do your children love animals? Here are some volunteer opportunities that might be a perfect fit for your family. Please note parents are required to supervise children at all times. Make this… Read More