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Little Hands

Little Hands LogoLittle Hands projects are volunteer projected specifically prepared for children. Projects include a short lesson about God’s love and serving others. The projects are also kept to 2 hours or less to account for short attention spans. Act Together seeks to inspire the next generation to serve. We feel that serving others should be fun and rewarding to children. These projects are offered multiple times throughout the year. Check our newsletters for ways to get involved.

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What the Community Says:

"What Act Together Ministries is doing is awesome, in my personal experience I’ve seen nothing like this, it was so precious to teach my kids how to use their hands to serve the Lord and Act Together helped make that happen. Thank you."
-Cumming Mother

“The students of Still Pointe had the wonderful opportunity to serve families in our community this year. On both occasions our students recognized the blessings they enjoy and found joy in sharing what they have with others. We will be seeking more opportunities like the ones provided to us by Act Together Ministries because I believe it is important for children to be encouraged to serve others. When aided in doing so they become part of a greater community which helps them to appreciate people from varied backgrounds, sometimes unlike their own. The parents of the students who participated in projects this year verbalized their appreciation for the opportunities their children had to serve. Thank you for the opportunity to praise this wonderful organization. Act Together Ministries has done much to improve the lives of families in our community. We are very grateful for the work they are doing.”
-Eleanor Rogers, Owner/Director The Still Pointe Studios

“My son Griffin, age 7 has had the pleasure of being involved in several “Little Hands” events. I’m always in awe of the sheer generosity and love he has w/in him when exposed to children in unfortunate financial or otherwise difficult situations. I’m of the belief all children can be raised to selflessly give their time if exposed at a young age. Having the opportunity as a parent to explain why some children can’t simply go out and buy the latest clothing, back packs and school supplies is a rare opportunity that we wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to if not for this organization. In the world of video DS games, silly bands and other non-essential fads, I feel exposing him to volunteering in this format has provided him a unique opportunity to understand feelings of empathy and compassion at a very early age. This will certainly foster molding him into a good man in the future. As a mother of 2 boys, participating in events like this is critical in shaping their future.”
-LeeAnn Egolf, Cumming Resident

“I can’t begin to express what the Little Hands program has meant to me and my family. This program allows wonderful opportunities for children to learn to serve others. In my opinion, it is critical that children learn this early on in life, as hands-on giving of one’s time and talents promotes confidence and self respect. Little Hands’ projects are ones I can count on to include my whole family, and not only do they include the whole family but offer service opportunities suited just for little ones. It is so often that I hear from other Moms “I would love to serve others with my kids, but I just don’t know where to go to get involved.” Programs like this are certainly needed and need to grow. I remember the first project we were involved with – a can drive for needy families. Adults and children gathered in a room, we sorted the food by type, and then made bags consisting of a variety of food for each of the families. My kids loved it! They were thrilled to be a part of something that would help others – and they were a part of it in a way that was real to them, they could see it and feel it.” 
–Kim Roberts, Cumming Resident

Even a child is known by his doings –Proverbs 20:11