Roswell, GA 30075

Empowering Parents

The lives of children are improved when the lives of their parents are improved. We’ve all heard the saying “When Momma ain’t happy, no one is.” By removing stress in the lives of parents and by teaching parents about their important roles in the lives of their children, we can empower them to become better parents.

Employment Assistance:

Act Together helps out of work parents to find employment by providing job leads, employment tips, and networking. Act Together also partners with other agencies that offer work mentoring programs.


Through mentoring, Bible Study and Support Groups


Act Together seeks to provide assistance to parents without robbing them of their dignity. Through our “parent ownership” we allow parents to pay a small fee or give back as a means of showing gratitude so that parents can say they provide for their children.

Referrals and Resources:

Act Together’s staff and volunteers come along side families during difficult times and help them obtain the assistance needed.  Sometimes this involves referring the family to another nonprofit or organization that is better equipped to meet the need.  A family with a special needs child may seek to find a church with programming for special needs children.  Single or widowed mothers often need affordable childcare and medical care.  We can help!